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Step out of the life of halfness — You can’t continue in that space of half healthy, half happy, having not even half the money you wish for, half harmony in your relationships…, NO NO NO! STEP OUT…

I understand that many people actually settle for half the plenitude that Life has to offer, and it is unfortunate that it is engraved in theirs minds…, they have been taught to believe that living in a state of halfness is as good as it gets. Yet, they spend hours daydreaming about a life of wholeness, a rich  life with plenitude and opulence…


NEVER BE AFRAID OF FAILURE... Especially when there is a support system, to hold you and lift you up to success.

As You Pursue Your Dreams, Be Alert. Your Breakthrough Could Be Hidden In The Most Unassuming Of Places...

There is an underlying question that remains though…, as we look into pursuing our dreams and working on our vision boards, it is imperative that we should be well positioned within a capable vehicle that would surely make our dreams a reality. What is your vehicle?

Many factors arise that can be disruptive and ultimately derail our dream paths, but even in that, we need to be resolute and remain committed to that which we believe is our destiny. As Napoleon Hill would say,  you can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be… You are the master of your destiny, Learn To Master It Therefore.

Life is based on leverage. The more you immerse yourself in this truth, understanding the function of leverage and finding ways to apply in your life, the more successful you will become.
Sifiso Sibeko _ Author of "Its Game On - ReEngage Your Dreams"
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