In order to have more, you need to become more...

Over the years I have come to a conclusion that, “becoming is a product of mental development and consciousness to change”. It is an outcome of a process. A process that we willingly should submit to, including the pain that comes with it. The truth remains that Transformation Is Not Comfortable.

One of the key choices that we need to hold up in ourlives is to Decide to Develop Ourself Daily. Your attitude towards personal development determines your level of increase and that goes for every area of life. Personal development is about investing in yourself for you to manage yourself effectively  regardless of what challenges you come across. It allows you to be proactive and as such eliminates laziness.

Failure to come out of poverty is not just a result of our circumstances; it is actually a manifestation of our thought patterns… “As a Man Thinketh, So He Is.” You Become What You Think. Behaviours are the actions generated from our thoughts and feelings. The way we behave in response to something is because our thoughts persuade us it is the best decision to make at that time, they provoke our emotions, as well as, our behavioural responses. This therefore affirms the view that consistent sluggard behaviour will surely lead to chronic adverse poverty, a point of hopelessness.

On the other hand Positive Progressive Thoughts can powerfully impact our work life, which in turn, promotes wealth. If we engage our activities with passion, loving what we’re doing, we are more likely to put more effort into it. This can result in more financial rewards in the form of bonuses and promotions. However, it should be noted that positive thinking needs to be practical and action-oriented if it is to produce the desired results. Positive thoughts alone won’t build wealth, they can never be a magic wand, however they are the fuel that can inspire us to do what we need to do to build wealth…, Therefore it becomes imperative to fully engage our thought faculty in our quest for wealth, and that calls for constant personal development to sharpen your mind and stay equiped for function.

Dare to Dream – Think in line with Your Dream and Become Your Dream.

The solution to your life is in your Thinking. Decide today to start working on improving and developing your Thinking Faculty. Where do you want to see yourself in a year’s time? Start developing thoughts that align with where you want to be, then find a vehicle to ride on as you pursue your destiny.